The Strand

You can’t have a home in Manhattan Beach any closer to the ocean! A wide cement walkway, referred to as “The Strand,” runs the length of Manhattan Beach along the beachfront. It is popular with joggers and dog walkers, as well as tourists out for a stroll. A separate bike path runs parallel to The Strand. Listings for Strand homes often note their whitewater view, since they can see the breaking surf not just the distant ocean. There are few older beach cottages still left along The Strand. Most of the original bungalows on these desirable lots have been replaced by newer homes on a grander scale. 

Property Listings

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Rachel has a strong business ethic and unparalleled dedication to her clients. She is committed to providing extraordinary customer service! Rachel is a premier choice and client favorite for local home buyers and sellers. Rachel believes when choosing an agent to sell your property it is imperative that you select someone who is experienced in selling and buying properties in the area.

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