Walk Streets

The Sand Section has many walk streets, where homes face a pedestrian street with alley access to a garage in the rear. Some lots have been spilt, leaving “landlocked” parcels with walk-street frontage, but no parking access off the alley. Walk streets tend to encourage a sense of community among neighbors. The South End walk streets are popular with families because the more level, sidewalk-style street has no traffic and can serve as a play area for children. North End walk streets, from 15th Street to 20th Street are sloped and have ocean views. 18th Street has been beautified to look like a winding path.

The original walk streets were constructed in 1913 west of Highland Avenue. In 1923-1924 additional walk streets were built east of Highland Avenue between Crest Drive and Valley Drive from 4th Street to 11th Street. There was a third phase of walk street construction in 1928 when new walk streets were built from 25th Street to 32nd Street between Highland Avenue and Alma Avenue. At that time some of the original walk streets were rebuilt. In 1969 a different type of Walk Street was built on 26th Street between Vista Drive and Grandview Avenue. It is narrower than the earlier walk streets and follows a serpentine path.

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