Rachel Ezra assists buyers and sellers with their real estate goals

Rachel Ezra assists buyers and sellers with their real estate goals

Rachel Ezra assists buyers and sellers with their real estate goals. After starting her career in commercial real estate, she transitioned to residential real estate when she moved to Manhattan Beach. She joined Vista Sotheby’s International Realty five years ago. 

Give us your thoughts on why real estate is such a profitable, stable market in this country.

“There is a famous saying that I use often: ‘You don’t wait to buy real estate; you buy real estate and wait.’ Your return on investment in the long run could be substantial. Investing in income-producing real estate leads to financial freedom.”

How are your clients using smart-home technology?

“Smart-home technology is changing the way my clients interact with their home. The majority of your home can be controlled from your phone: security cameras, alarms, garage door, lights, music. Having that at the tip of your fingers makes my clients feel safer in their homes, as well as when they are away from home.”

Have you seen a recent increase in first-time home purchases? What about multifamily real estate purchases?

“Yes. The younger generation understands that real estate is a smart and safe investment and one that will yield them the most return on their investment dollars in the long run.”

What do you predict will happen with mortgage rates in 2022?

“Even though interest rates are projected to move up gradually this year, I don’t believe it will affect our niche market. We live in a very desirable part of the country with nearly perfect weather, great public schools and close proximity to LAX for travel.”

Do you think home prices will continue to soar in 2022?

“With lack of inventory and multiple buyers for each property, I do believe that prices will continue to rise. I believe 2022 will be another record-breaking year. It has already proven so, as we are seeing multiple offers on every listing hitting the market.”

What do you love most about your job?

“Most of all I love the special relationships I build with my clients. The process of buying and selling a home is very intricate and very emotional. At the end of the transaction, most of my clients end up being good friends. I enjoy helping them achieve their dreams of homeownership, making a house a home and making new memories in a space I helped them find.”

Do you involve your family in your work?

“Oh yes! My twins are now 7½ years old. They help with putting out open house signs, set up for open houses and most of all they love doing Instagram videos. Spending time with them is what I live for.”

Give us some tips for improving curb appeal.

“You only get one chance to make a first impression. Invest in a fresh coat of paint, repair any holes or dents, install new outdoor lighting, replace foggy windows, replace old window screens, improve landscaping, get rid of weeds and plant fresh flowers.”

What puts a spring in your step and keeps you feeling energized? 

“Finding the perfect home for each family is my passion in life. I love making dreams come true. A home is not just a house—it’s where you make memories. It’s where your child takes their first step, loses their first tooth, has their birthdays, graduations, family parties. A home is where the heart is.” 

What areas do you specialize in?

“I service the entire South Bay, specializing in coastal properties in Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, El Segundo, Torrance and Palos Verdes. I’ve lived on the Westside and am very familiar with it. I’ve helped clients buy and sell in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and Malibu.”

Speak about the level of flexibility required to be successful in the real estate industry. 

“Real estate is a service industry. Most of my clients have a day job and may not be available during normal business hours. Often listing appointments and property showings happen at the availability of clients.”

How are 3-D home tours changing real estate? 

“3-D home tours are a game changer. They have given the buyers the ability to virtually walk through every room of a property, including the exterior grounds, before they decide to preview in person.” 

What is your #1 piece of advice during this time? 

“In this competitive market where every property receives multiple offers, as a buyer you​ must be ready to go, have your finances in order, and aim to be conditionally approved for a loan—not just preapproved. Put your best foot forward, and write the best offer. You may not get another chance.”

What are key factors for finding a good fit when choosing a REALTOR to work with? 

“Aim to hire a local REALTOR who is knowledgeable with the market and the sub-market of each town—someone who’s been in business for a while, who is well connected and respected within the real estate community, and, most importantly, someone you like and trust.”

Work With Rachel

Rachel has a strong business ethic and unparalleled dedication to her clients. She is committed to providing extraordinary customer service! Rachel is a premier choice and client favorite for local home buyers and sellers. Rachel believes when choosing an agent to sell your property it is imperative that you select someone who is experienced in selling and buying properties in the area.

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